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June 19, 2017

Some six years ago I bought a fabulous, short, black, silk kimono with delicate butterfly pattern. I got it for a ridiculously low price, just because… well, no one wanted to have it. :-) Since then, I’ve wore it every Summer – to the office, instead of a blazer, as a cover up, over a delicate, spaghetti strap top and in many other ways, but always with a smile – because I knew, I have a very special piece that others still don’t really appreciate, but soon they will. ;-) And my inner “fashion oracle” was right! ;-)

Some two years ago, along with the whole festival style boom, I started slowly, but more often, meeting girls on the street also wearing a kimono like myself. All of a sudden, the kimonos entered (once again) the fashion stage in a big way. Short, long, made out of lace, with fringes, pom-poms, patterns… They are everywhere! And I love it, darlings!

That’s why I decided, to give my old kimono a little baby kimono brother…or a sister ;-) and went on a quest to find the perfect new addition to my small but fine kimono collection. And it was hard, darlings. There is so much selection today, that I almost gave it up. Then I liked many styles, but non of them gave me that “that’s the one i need to have” vibe.

Until I found this piece of candy. The second I saw this multi-coloured, luxurious, maxi kimono with big pockets by SheIn I knew – I found it. Technically, it’s not really a little brother, because it’s much longer then the kimono that I already had, but hey… ;-)

Now, to style it, was very different then it was the case with the short one. I definitely knew that this is a piece you only wear with a pair of heels, that’s why I chose nude strappy sandals for this outfit. It’s definitely a city kimono and in my vision, you can wear it either as I did – as a part of a daily outfit with a slight boho vibe, or as an absolute glam piece for a night on the town.

Just imagine – how  ordinary my outfit would be, if I would take the kimono off? Then, I’m only wearing plain skinny jeans and a silk cami top. But the gorgeous pattern and the flow of this piece, simply elevated my style to another level. Absolutely WUNDERBAR. <3

Sayonara darlings. ;-)

Talk soon!



What I Wore:

KimonoSheIn // Jeans – H&M //Top -Vintage // Sandals: ASOS // Jewelry – WerkstattStudio Concept Store


Alma Hadzic Photography



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