Lindos – A Day in White Town

August 1, 2017

centIn case you “wanderlust shoes” take you to the Greek island of Rhodes this summer, as it was the case with me, make sure you visit the charming town of Lindos. Trust me, darlings, your vacation won’t be complete, in case you miss this “white experience”. 

You can find Lindos some 50 km from the Old town of Rhodes, on the eastern side of the island. And it’s so special, that I would even recommend it as your holiday destination. But in case you’re already staying at another location on Rhodes, you can reach it easily by a local bus. However, Lindos is closed for traffic, so you’ll have to walk to the heart of the town or just take a short ride with the official shuttle autobus (ticket costs 50 cent Euro) or the local taxi.

I took the first morning bus at 6:30 due to high temperatures in July that I wanted to avoid and it was a great decision. Then when I got there, Lindos spread its arms and welcomed me in all of its untarnished beauty – no tourists, no souvenirs, no crowds, no fuss. For at least an hour and a half, this little town that resembles a white cotton field, when you observe it from above, was almost entirely mine. How WUNDERBAR is that? And I mean… who doesn’t want a town for itself on a Greek island? ;-) Right, darlings? The white houses and walls will make you feel like you are walking through Olympus. You can easily get lost (and you probably will ;-)) while wandering throught the narrow town streets – but don’t worry! There is no Minotaur waiting for you around the corner. ;-) Instead, you will see beautiful mosaics,  unusual doors, lovely shops and bars, aaaand… an occasional donkey. ;-)

Yes darlings ‒ cute little donkeys (or as the locals call them – “Lindos taksi”;-)) are one of transportation means that you can use to climb the 300 steps to the acropolis that dominates over the modern town of Lindos. Once you are there, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view over the town, but also the bay of  Agios Pavlos and the beach that goes by the same name. The acropolis of Lindos is a complex archeological site where you can find, among others, the temple of goddess Athena and a war ship from Rohodes carved into a rock. Since I arrived to Lindos very early, I couldn’t use the “taxi ride”, since the working hours of the “donkey express” start at 8 AM. So I walked “the 300” and I can tell you – it wasn’t bad at all. ;-)

After your visit to the acropolis, you’re going to need a short break and something sweet for sure.

Although Greece is not famous for its ice cream (hello Greek yoghurt with honey and almonds ;-)), if you should walk by the artisan bakery “Gel Blue” make sure you make a quick stop. I highly recommend some of their sorbets, traditional ice creams and yummy smelling cakes. They have a cozy and cool terrace decorated in Greek-Oriental style and a lounging area with a lots of comfy pillows. iziranom, zatvorenom dijelu prepunom udobnih jastuka i sećija za ljenčarenje.

I always give you some tips on where to eat in a particular location, but this time I will skip this part for two reasons. The first one is… my great love of food paired with lack of sense of direction. :-) I enjoyed so much my aubergine salad bith “pita bread” and fresh orange juice that I simply forgot to take a picture or two. And when I left the restaurant and turned left and then right… or was it right, then right, then left… or… Well… as you can imagine – I couldn’t find my way back. ;-) But! The other reason, is that I came across soooo many charming and truly lovely restaurants and eateries on my way down from the acropolis that I simply think – you can’t go wrong. All of them serve mostly Greek, but also international cuisine in perfect scenary.

It was so hard for me to leave the town in the afternoon when “rivers” of tourists started flowing into its narrow streets. But at least I know that for a couple of hours I had this “snow ball” in the middle of Mediterranean all for myself.

And finally – a few words on my outfit. Since I knew I was going to the “white town”, I wore my long, comfy, cotton, white dress with pockets. In order to be prepared for wandering around the streets of Lindos and climbing up those 300 steps to the acropolis, I chose flat, strappy sandals. All the color in my outfit was in the accessories. First of all – the summery green pattern on my new (and already very beloved) Maya clutch by Borboleta bag. Did you notice that my initials “I R” are embroidered on it – isn’t that just WUNDERBAR?<3 This fabulous personalised detail can be added when you order this “arm candy”, which is not only elegant and beautiful, but also surprisingly practical. It’s actually big enough to fit even a tablet (there is actually a special compartment for it, as well a key strap and a number of smaller pockets inside). The edgy earrings and a scarf tied in a head wrap had green, but also bright blue and yellow details. What do you think of this look, darlings? Was it “Lindos worthy”? ;-)

“It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.”  Henry Miller

Talk soon!


What I Wore:

Personalised Maya ClutchBorboleta Bag// Earrings- Werkstatt // Sunnies: Dita Eyewear (Studio Optika Oculto) // Sandals: H&M // Dress: Vintage

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