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All About Those Boots

February 11, 2018

It’s been a while, darlings! It seems like ages… The blog’s website has given me a lot of trouble in the past month and I have to say that it wasn’t easy to figure out the problem. As always – it was very simple. But don’t we all first try to complicate things and only after a while go back to the basics. Some content was lost though. :-( All the posts I shared with you from August to December are gone. Lost in the “virtual toilette”. :-( But hey! There’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Right? Let’s talk some boots. ;-)

For a fresh start in the new year, I have a brand new Closet Doors post for you, which is very dear to me, since it’s all about style and not fashion. Do you make that distinction as well, darlings? Why style? Well… basically, all the items I’m wearing in this post are bought on sale – meaning- they’re actually going “out of vogue” and are “so last season”. But to my mind, it’s all about how you out them together and make them timeless. I’m sure that I’ll be wearing this outfit many times again (and I already have since the pictures were taken ;-)), since it reflects my style. And I really don’t care that I didn’t buy any of the items when the just arrived at the stores.

But let me start. :-)

Actually… I’m kind of overdressed. ;-) Then I’m wearing a dress and a skirt at the same time. The shoudler-free black top is actually a mini dress by H&M. But since the slit of the skirt is so high, I thought it would be a good idea. That’s how I would feel more confident when I walk and sit. You know what I mean. ;-)

The skirt is actually one of my favorite “sale gems” of this year. When I first saw it, I wasn’t even sure what it was. A strapless dress? Pants with slits? Skirt? Even when I took it to the dressing room, I felt a bit clueless, on how to put it on. Then it has a short zipper (thet you can’t see), a button and all of a sudden the “pepplum effect” is being created. ¬†By the way, it’ s from “Committed Mango” collection and it’s made out of¬†recycled wool.

Actually, I bought it because of the last piece in my outfit – the boots. I’ve been flirting with them, since they arrived at ZARA at the end of last year. But… somhowe ther was something missing. I didn’t know how to pair then in order to make them look classy. Because they have a lot of potential for different vibes. ;-)

But when I saw the skirt, instantly I knew – those boots… a perfect match. :-) WUNDERBAR!

My earrings are (oh my God, almost as any time :-)) by the talented girls from Werkstatt.

So darlings… don’t be afraid to show your style. Fashion is a great inspiration. But your personality is much better. <3

So looking forward to hang out with you again with new posts and pictures darlings.

Have a great day.


What I Wore:

Skirt- MANGO// Dress – H&M // Boots: ZARA // Earrings: Werkstatt


Alma Hadzic Photography

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