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How to Prepare for the Spring Season (Home)

February 22, 2017

Are you familiar with the proverb, darlings, which says: “No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow.”? And this Winter was… actually, still is really long. I’m, sure you’ll agree that the coldness and the darkness of this season not only managed to sneak in under our coats, but also into our home, our bodies and thoughts. But the good news is – Spring is waiting around the corner, darlings! Continue Reading


NYC Shopping Haul

January 5, 2017

How are you darlings? How the New Year has been treating you so far? It’s mighty cold outside and the perfect time to bundle up and cozy up at home and read the new story on the blog. And in the New Year, I have a new type of post prepared for you – a “shopping haul”. I can’t say that I haven’t bought anything in a year or more (that would be a plain lie ;-)) and that’s why I’m starting with “haul posts” now. It’s just that I’ve waited for a cute and interesting shopping spree to share my purchases with you. And what better place to shop and find such items, then in NYC. ;-) Continue Reading


10 Movies Set in New York City

December 11, 2016

Before I start sharing with you my experiences from NYC darlings, I decided to first… well, I would say, bring you in the «New York state of mind». ;-) And what better way to do that, then through cinema. That’s why I created a list of ten movies, which are set in this magnificent city. Some of them are classics, while others are rather new. Also, some of them you’ve probavly seen, maybe even multiple times and others are still on your “to watch” list. In any case, each of them will bring closer to you a part of New York City – maybe the exact one, I’ll be telling you about in my future posts. <3 Continue Reading


3 Ideas How to Relax and Unwind

November 16, 2016

How long do you need to “unwind” darlings, after a long and exhausting day at work, or in the class room? Do you leave everything behind you, as long as you leave your office, university or school building and become carefree like a bird? Or are you the type that thinks about unfinished tasks, troubles with colleagues, deadlines and everything else that worries you, also after working hours? “Just relax! Tomorrow is another day!”, some would say. But it’s easier said than done. In order to start your evening right and use this free time to truly relax, here are a few simple tips on how to unwind. :-) Continue Reading


5 Ideas for Stay-at-Home Evenings

November 14, 2016

Hello there from the „bear cave“, darlings! Just joking. ;-) Or maybe even not? Then I’m sitting in my warm and cozy living room, it’s Sunday, it’s lightly raining aaand… it’s not even 5 PM but it’s already really, really dark outside. Moreover (pshhhht – don’t tell anyone ;-)) – I’m feeling a bit sleepy too. Basically, just like a bear. ;-) Although I sometimes envy them for their winter sleep (it’s not the worst thing in the world to sleep through until March ;-)), I think that there are also better ways to spend chilly Fall and Winter evenings in your home. Here are couple of suggestions. :-) Continue Reading


What Should I Get You Darling?

September 19, 2016

Maybe it’s only a prejudice, but there’s an opinion out there that it’s a very special challenge to find a good gift for the men in our lives. For the ladies that surround us darlings, like moms, sisters, girlfriends, female colleagues… it’s simply so much easier. Well…, if I should speak from a personal experience… I can only agree. ;-) Continue Reading


My Favorite Instagram Accounts

September 7, 2016

Can you believe it darlings that Instagram is basically only a „first-grader“? ;-) What do I mean by that, you ask? Well, this uber-popular social networking app is yet to celebrate its 6th birthday, then it was launched in October 2010. Even the biggest disbelievers in the idea of people wanting to share their photos and videos with others (raising my hand here ;-)) were very soon proven wrong, since the number of Instagram users grew very fast. Today – this networking service represents a highly sophisticated media platform that makes and breaks the trends through user generated content and that creates visual stars (heard of the term „Instagram famous“? :-)).  Also, since the launch of „Instagram stories“, it also became a serious contestant to Snapchat. Continue Reading


5 Tips How to Kick Start Your Day

June 14, 2016

Are you an early bird or a „hit the snooze button at least three times“ type of person in the morning, darlings? I’m definitely a total morning girl – as soon as the alarm goes on (and sometimes even before) I’m „ready for action“. :-) But even so, there are some mornings when everything just takes much longer then usual, or everything just goes wrong – my eyeliner starts behaving like a diva ;-), I burn my oatmeal, or I realize that the shoes I wanted to wear with my outfit actually need new heels. Well, in order to avoid the early morning stress, here are some easy tricks that I also sometimes use to start the day the easy way. :-) Continue Reading


Spring Clean Your Life – Closet Organisation (Part II)

April 7, 2016

The weather is just perfect the last few days, don’t you think? So what are you wearing darlings? Are you still trying to pull of your winter clothing? If yes, probably not because you just can’t part ways with your boots and coats, but because you just can’t find the warm weather pieces of your wardrobe. You’re guessing right darlings – today’s post is about cleaning and organizing your closet. Let’s start. :-) Continue Reading


Spring Clean Your Life (part 1)

March 22, 2016

Are you rolling your eyes solely from the title of this post? ;-) Don’t worry! I have no intention of writing about repainting the apartment, cleaning the windows, or scrubbing the kitchen floor. :-) Still, what I plan to talk about requires some time, a pinch of dedication and patience, aaaand… perhaps at the end a short wipe with a wet cloth. ;-) Then the point of a spring clean up, well at least for me, is not to have everything shiny and polished after you’ve finished it. It’s about feeling better when you’re done darlings, filing liberated and fresh for the new season. And it’s also about letting go not only of excessive things and getting rid of dust, but also of the “emotional trash” we’ve collected during the winter season. That’s why  the title – “Spring clean your life”.  So let’s begin with baby steps. :-) Continue Reading