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July 2015

Closet Doors

HRH – the Wedding Dress

July 28, 2015

Summer time equals wedding season. And what a season it is! Not only on weekends, but also on Mondays or Thursdays you can meet utterly stylish groups hectically buying flowers, giggling and taking selfies, fabulously polished and slightly nervous grooms, equally dapper best men being constantly playing with their phones and pretending they have everything under control, classy maids of honor perfectly balancing in 5 inch heals and actually having everything under control and finally breathtaking and excited brides dressed in all shades of white. Continue Reading

Pink of health

First International Day of Yoga

July 27, 2015

I was rather a late bloomer when it comes to yoga. Actually, I took my very first yoga class in my mid- twenties and in all honesty – I completely hated it. About twenty heavy breathing and humming woman with what appeared to me as stupid expressions of bliss on their faces and a teacher that was telling us in a singing mode to focus on the point between our eye browses and clear our minds. I couldn’t wait for it to be over! Continue Reading


Summer drinks

July 24, 2015

How about we bake a fruit pie today? With five or six soft and spongy layers. No? Why nooot!? ;-) I’m just kidding darlings. I am sure that none of you is crazy about hanging around a hot stove these days, including myself. Everything I cooked lately needed to be fast, easy and light. However, what keeps me longer in the kitchen is not the preparation of food, but fixing of summer drinks that I love. Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Colorblocking v. Clean

July 22, 2015

Honestly, how many colors “live” in your closet? When you open its doors are you entering the fashion Vila Villekulla, or is it more a view of a chess field? What would be your “fashion spirit animal”? Are you more of a rainbow unicorn or a clean and pure polar bear? Continue Reading


Cool and artsy way to dress up your space

July 20, 2015

About two months ago I decided to get rid of my home office. I realized that like a momma cat carries around her kittens, I was carrying my documents, books and folders back and forth between my office and my home. Talking about work-life balance ;-) Continue Reading


Wild hearts go far

July 15, 2015

How brave are you darlings?

What would you do, if you had the chance to start over your adult life? Would you choose a different carrier path, live in another city, or be in a relationship with someone else? Some of you are happy with your life choices and wouldn’t change anything. The others would have a relatively good idea on what they would do differently this time. Continue Reading


Alice in Wonderland of Tea

July 12, 2015

After I finished the fifth grade, I spent some time during the summer holidays at my grandmother’s house. I loved her huge garden, the nearby river and some independence from my parents. Grandma had lived alone for a few of years and created a number of her own little daily rituals. One of them was coffee time. Continue Reading


First chapter of Wunderlife (intro post)

July 7, 2015

Are you familiar with the Scandinavian interior design? No, I don’t mean Ikea :-)

I’m thinking of these lovely houses and apartments with wooden floors and white walls, with furniture and accessories in cool colors like gray or light blue, which look modern and minimalistic. I love, love, love looking at pictures of such interiors. Oh I wish sometimes that my home would look like that…

Continue Reading