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December 2015


New Year’s Resolutions

December 31, 2015

Happy and WUNDERBAR New Year darlings! Here it is – 2016! Everything is possible and much of it is in your hands. At the end of every year most of us reflect on the last 365 days and think about what was good and what could have been better. Also, we make plans what to improve and change in the year to come. Yes – it’s New Year’s resolution time. Quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthier,  go to the gym, spend more time outdoors, spend more time with family, … Recognise any of them? ;-) Too bad that the majority of those resolutions go out the window already by the end of January. That’s why today we’ll going to talk about, how to pick the right goals for 2016 and moreover – how to fulfil them. :-) Continue Reading

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Holiday Fashion (Silver Extravaganza)

December 30, 2015

Finally, December 31 has arrived darlings! Got your party outfit ready? Not yet? Well, in the last two posts we presented some styling ideas for an office or a dinner party and  for a celebration outdoors, but maybe you’re planing to fete in a different way? Perhaps in a club, or an upscale restaurant and bar? At an exclusive private party? We got you covered! In this post we prepared an outfit suggestion for a lavish entrance in the new year. ;-) Continue Reading

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Holiday Fashion (Rock the New Year’s Eve)

December 29, 2015

In our last post on holiday fashion we talked about how important it is to pick your party outfit according to the occasion and the party venue and showed you a suggestion on how to look classy and sophisticated at an office party or a family gathering. Today darlings, we are going out on the streets and offer you an idea for an effortless, cool and creative party styling, if you decide to wait for the clock to strike midnight outdoors. Continue Reading


French Movie Night

December 26, 2015

I love to go to the movies. There are some films that just need to be seen on the big screen to be enjoyed in their full capacity and I’m not just talking about the special effects of the “Hunger Games” or the new “Star Wars” movie. It’s about the cinema experiance – the crowd, the smell of popcorn, always the same commercials that you can only see at the cinema, the new trailers… WUNDERBAR. On the other hand, in the winter time, when you don’t feel like getting out at all, nothing can beat a DVD night… at home! Get your popcorn ready and let me give you a few cinematographic suggestions… and they don’t  come from Hollywood, but from France. ;-) Continue Reading

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Holiday Fashion (Classy Office & Home)

December 21, 2015

The other day I was preparing to go to a party and decided to stop by at the local shopping mall and maybe get a new outfit for that evening, or a festive and versatile piece that I can easily incorporate into many different outfits for the party season. It’s already December – the celebration, holiday and party month! Good excuse to spend some money, right? ;-) But… all I could find was black, gray and/or very, very glittery. Don’t get me wrong darlings, black and gray are very festive, and some glitter is a “must have” from time to time, but is that really all that is? I think that holiday fashion is just so much more. You just have to know, what and where you’re celebrating. ;-) Continue Reading


Torte i to: Old City – New Concept

December 19, 2015

It’s been a while darlings since our last post about interior design, but we have a pretty good reason for that. Well, we just didn’t find upon a space, or even a little corner that truly surprised and impressed us so much that we just couldn’t wait to show it to you. But you know that saying – good things come to those who wait. :-) We were quite picky, but the waiting was worth it, because we’ve stumbled upon a space that is a real, little, interior design delicacy. Although the place we’re talking about is an example of a modern design, it’s tucked into the Sarajevo Old town, as if it’s been there since forever.  And talking about a delicacy…  it’s kind of a key word in this post, since the space we’re talking about is a brand new branch of café “Torte i to” that generously welcomed us in the heart of Baščaršija. :-) Continue Reading


Blondes Have More Fun?

December 18, 2015

Do you have that one friend that you know since the elementary school and that hair wise looks exactly the same today as in her yearbook photo from the fifth grade? The same ponytail, or the same hair color, or the same bob, or the same… Hey! Maybe even you yourself are that girl! :-) If you are, I congratulate you! I have to say that I’m kind of jealous that you found your personal style so early in life and decided to stick to it. For me – I’m still (hair)exploring… and I probably will until the rest of my life. :-)

Continue Reading

Mirror Mirror

5 Tips For Hand Care In Winter Time

December 10, 2015

What’s the story with your nail polish darlings? How long does it take after your manicure/pedicure, before the colour starts chipping? Well… I think the one on my tone nails could easily survive a nuclear war, or an alien invasion that brings an end to planet Earth. :-) The nail polish on my hands on the other hand is a true weenie. It’s enough for me to give it a bit harsher look and it already starts peeling of. ;-) In the winter time not only the nails suffer more, but also the hands are more strained. Continue Reading


Diplomatic Winter Bazaar

December 6, 2015

When the year is approaching its end and December and lower temperatures bring us all into holiday mood, there is one event that I’m always especially looking forward to. Not only darlings because I think that the idea to organise such an event is brilliant and creative, not only because it’s been introduced to support a good cause and not only because every year I see more and more organizations and companies participating and more and more people attending this event. It’s because it makes me believe that the world IS actually ONE and that different countries and cultures can happily and peacefully coexist and collaborate to create something great. And also, because this event proves that as long as there is some great food, everybody’s happy and everything’s WUNDERBAR. ;-) Continue Reading