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January 2016


Wunderbar Women (Modern Nostalgia)

January 26, 2016

To me, the greatest inspiration are women, which you can’t put in “box”, which think with their own head, which take their own paths, which don’t apologize constantly and don’t feel the need to justify their choices, even if they don’t necessarily fit into the expectations of the society, which fulfill their goals, which are authentic, which love what they do, which have a voice, which are versatile and open and which cross boundaries and crush stereotypes. I call them WUNDERBAR WOMEN.

I’m truly happy every time I meet one and every one of them is unique and can’t be compared with the other. Each of them has her own “thang” and I’m really thrilled by them.:-) That’s why darlings, today we will start a series of posts on WUNDERBAR WOMEN I know or will have the pleasure of meeting and knowing in the future and share with you the stories of their lives, professions and life paths. Enjoy ;-) Continue Reading


How to Fight Procrastination

January 25, 2016

Are you stressed darlings? I assume that the most of you are nodding right now. Yup – I believe you, because so am I. Sometimes more and sometimes less and I’m running a constant battle for some peace of mind. We all have different stress triggers and by that I don’t even think of some extreme situations like a conflict with a close person or a coworker, an illness or similar. Life is made of small things and so is stress. ;-) Are you really busy at the office, or maybe you’re preparing for an exam at the university, or perhaps you have a lot of going on in your private life? Alright and…what’s the big deal? We will manage!! Sure we will! And without stress – but only, if we stop procrastinating stuff. ;-)  Continue Reading


Colombia – un país increíble (part I – Bogota)

January 12, 2016

Do you remember one of our first Wanderlust posts called “Wild Hearts Go Far” about Lana, who was courageous enough to turn her life around and dedicate herself to something she truly felt passionate about –  travel and exploring. We promissed you back then that we will join her on a couple of her journeys and that she will share with us few of her stories and impressions. Well darlings –  that time has come. :-) Lana sent us a few posts on one of her recent travels and the destination was: COLOMBIA! Let’s start with her first adventure from the capital Bogota. WUNDERBAR and thank so much you Lana. :-) Continue Reading


French Friday (Galette des Rois)

January 8, 2016

What is the first symbol darlings that crosses your mind when you think of France? Probably it’s the Eiffel Tower, but it must be very closely followed by… cheese, wine, bœuf bourguignon, baguette, croissant, macarons, crêpes … basically  – quality and tasty food. It’s well known that French culinary art is world famous and that the cuisine of this country has a very long tradition and as such even sets the standards of culinary education on the global level. But did you know darlings that UNESCO awarded the French gastronomy the status of intangible cultural heritage? Amazing, isn’t it? :-) Continue Reading

Pink of health

Fit & Fun in 2016

January 7, 2016

What’s your fitness routine been in the last weeks of 2015 darlings? Well, I have to admit that I’ve been down to yoga once a week and taking opportunities to walk as much as possible, but that was it. Oh yes, and I was always running really fast to get my charger, once the battery on my phone indicated only one line. Does that count as cardio? ;-) On the other hand, the intake of all the yummy and sweet delicacies that only December has to offer was high. Aaaand I enjoyed every bit (I mean bite;-) of it without any guilt, because to me, that is a way to feel WUNDERBAR as well. You only need to know when the time to cut down is. Which is about… now. ;-) Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Camel Coat

January 4, 2016

Black, grey, navy and dark brown – the usual suspects in the winter time. As soon as temperatures drop, the bright colors in our closet also enter their winter sleep and make space for their dark relatives. I’m a „color girl“ and it’s rather hard for me to deal with this transition. What I miss the most, is actually the warm and lively feeling that yellow, orange, red and green give me. Of course, there are also winter coats in those colors, but most of them have a more edgy silhouette, since the classical ones are saved for the grey and black. But then darlings I discovered for myself… well… a true classic actually that includes both – a warm color and a warming effect – the „Camel coat“. :-) Continue Reading