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February 2016


Feast For All The Senses

February 17, 2016

Do you remember your college days darlings? Or maybe you’re still at the university so you’re very much familiar with this particular “lifestyle”. ;-) A sandwich “on the go”, a canned soup, a piece of fruit here and there, some French fries… as long as there is no effort and preparation required and of course… no dirty plates. Still, in spite of those “marvelous gastronomic skills”, the dirty dishes and flatware somehow seem to magically multiply in every student’s kitchen. :-) Even I myself, although I grew up in a home where“chef de cuisine” a.k.a. mom :-) used to prepare a multiple course meals on a daily basis, fell at the beginning of my college years and independent life into this routine. Still, one little event changed everything. :-) Continue Reading


Wunderbar Women (Wunderbar Wood Surgeon)

February 14, 2016

Today darlings, we’re continuing with the series of posts on WUNDERBAR WOMEN.

My grandma on my mother’s side was one of them. I might write about her in one of my next posts. But today I’m mentioning her for another reason – because of her similarity to a certain sitcom character from “How I Met Your Mother”, when it comes to a particular issue. :-)) Nop, my grandma had nothing in common with “the mother”, nor with Lily, Robin, Ted or Marshall. My grandma (wait for it…;-) lived according to Barney Stinson’s principle:“New is always better.”:-)) She was always brave, curious and modern, so she got for her family one of the first TVs you could buy in the city back in the time. The moment an electric coffee grinder was out on the market, the super old brass grinder was banned to the attic. The old furniture with wooden carved armrests and backrests, except for one very pompous piece, was replaced with modern pieces as soon as the opportunity occurred and those are only some of the examples of her “new is always better” attitude. :-) Continue Reading


Colombia – un país increíble (Part two – Tatacoa Desert)

February 9, 2016

Did you read the first post on Colombia prepared for Darling it’s Wunderbar by our WUNDERBAR Lana? If not, you better hurry darlings, because her adventure continues – this time in the Tatacoa Desert.

Spending those first couple of days in Bogota gave a us a nice intro into Colombia and helped us loose any remaining fear of this country so we even decided to take the road less traveled and instead of going by bus enjoy the flexibility of renting a car and exploring the country on our own. Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Gordana Dimitrijević – the Shoe Whisperer

February 7, 2016

When I heard the news that I would might have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and a chat with the utterly talented and successful shoe and accessories designer originating from Sarajevo and living and creating in Paris – Gordana Dimitrijević – my first thought was: “Oh my God! What shoes should I wear!?”. :-)
Then, if I was already blessed by the “home-field advantage” of having Gordana spending some time with her family in Sarajevo and therefore I being able to interview her for the blog without having to travel to Paris, I really wanted to make a good first impression… also shoe-wise. :-) Continue Reading


Chinese New Year – It’s Monkey Time

February 7, 2016

Do you believe in horoscope darlings? You know, something like:” The situation around you is very confusing. Be patient – the cosmic forces will unite to help you out. Health is good, but watch your teeth. You could use a facial. Write down your thoughts. Expect some financial setbacks in the afternoon.” I mean whaaaat?:-) Of course, those daily horoscopes have nothing to do with some serious astrology. Still we read them and, if they are good – we all hope they are also true. ;-) Well, since I’m still a bit nostalgic about the holidays being over and having nothing to celebrate any more (Oh wait! Valentine’s day is around the corner!:-), today I decided to take a look at the Chinese New Year and check out  what can we expect in “the Year of the Monkey”. :-) Continue Reading