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March 2016

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Who What Wear 30-Day Spring Style Challenge (Day 24)

March 28, 2016

When you dedicate your professional life to protecting those who create from being copied, how can you copy someone else yourself? ;-) That’s why, again, I followed the instructions of Who What Wear and the style inspiration of the brilliant and WUNDERBAR Pernille Teisbaek, but I made today’s challenge also my own. Day 24. ;-) Continue Reading


Spring Clean Your Life (part 1)

March 22, 2016

Are you rolling your eyes solely from the title of this post? ;-) Don’t worry! I have no intention of writing about repainting the apartment, cleaning the windows, or scrubbing the kitchen floor. :-) Still, what I plan to talk about requires some time, a pinch of dedication and patience, aaaand… perhaps at the end a short wipe with a wet cloth. ;-) Then the point of a spring clean up, well at least for me, is not to have everything shiny and polished after you’ve finished it. It’s about feeling better when you’re done darlings, filing liberated and fresh for the new season. And it’s also about letting go not only of excessive things and getting rid of dust, but also of the “emotional trash” we’ve collected during the winter season. That’s why  the title – “Spring clean your life”.  So let’s begin with baby steps. :-) Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Who What Wear 30-Day Spring Style Challenge (Day 17)

March 20, 2016

It’s the first day of spring darlings! Yeeey! Just the right moment to start planning… the summer. ;-) Sorry darlings, but it’s just never enough sun for me. :-) Beach, sand, bathing suits… Wandering if you have a bikini body after the winter is over? Let me help you check and do a little test with you with two simple questions:

1. Do you have a bikini? Yes? Good.

2. Do you have a body? Yes? Perfect! :-)

Congratulations! You have a bikini body- just relax, enjoy the spring and look forward to the summer! :-D Let’s go – Day 17 of the challenge. Continue Reading

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Who What Wear 30-Day Spring Style Challenge (Day 16)

March 17, 2016

I started mixing up the style challenge game yesterday, so why not continue with it today.:-) First of all, let me tell you straight away, which challenges I decided to skip. Day 15 – because you don’t need to see me how well I can polish my go-to boots. Nobody cares darlings, right? ;-) Day 19 – I’ve already been giving my best to do my most photogenic photos – sometimes it works better, and sometimes less. ;-) Day 23 – I would like to keep some privacy. ;-) Day 24… I’m still thinking about it. But let’s continue with the challenge I picked for today – Day 16. Continue Reading