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August 2016

Closet Doors

Take a Bow

August 27, 2016

When I was a little girl darlings fashion-wise, I was a true cliché. :-) There was nothing I loved more, then to be dressed in pink from head to toe, and to wear bows in my hair. I also wore long pigtails, but that’s a whole other story. ;-) When I grew older, my love of pink was under control ;-) and a “romance” with other colors started to evolve and eventually also black and gray joined the party. But today when I look back, I actually understand my “pink and bow obsession” – cliché or not, it’s just very feminine. :-) Continue Reading


Girl From Ipanema – Part One

August 25, 2016

What I’m about to tell you, is an “old” travel story. Well… maybe not that “old” darlings – a bit more than two years. But it’s a very special story, about a trip to a very special destination, which started in a rather unusual way. Yet, first of all, it’s a story a wanted to write about, since I’ve begun writing this blog. And now… somehow and finally – the timing is right for this Wanderlust post: The Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro were just concluded and after more than two weeks of enjoying in the achievements of the world’s top athletes, I’ve decided to keep you a while in this city and show you at least a tiny piece of it through my eyes. Which was also partially in an athletic manner, but… keep on reading darlings and it will all become clear. Bem vindo ao Brasil! :-) Continue Reading

Closet Doors

White Night

August 13, 2016

When you’re standing in front of your closet darlings and wandering what to wear for a night out, what is the hardest thing to decide? Which bag, which skirt, which shoes, which top…? For me… well it’s basically all of that. :-) Or in other words – which pieces to mix and match, in order to get the look I want. That’s why I’m a big lover of pieces, which can dress you from top to bottom, like dresses and especially jumpsuits. Continue Reading


Visit to Hutovo blato – “Positively Swamped”

August 10, 2016

How do you plan your weekends during the Summer darlings, when the days of your beach holiday are already behind you? Or how do you spend your Summer holiday at home, if you didn’t make any big traveling plans? For me, the weekends from May until the end of August have a special charm then each of them offers a tons of possibilities. Whether or not you’re on a vacation, you can always use those two days to make a short trip, not far away from your home and still see, experience and learn wonderful things and spend time surrounded by nature, culture or history. You can basically dive into a whole new world and this is what I did last weekend. And I’m not keeping this experience to myself– let’s go together to the Nature park “Hutovo blato”. Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Summer in the Office

August 2, 2016

Summer is high darlings and all you want to wear is… well… as little as possible. The only thing standing between you and your Daisy Dukes is… how should I put it… business etiquette. :-) I know, I know – it’s hard to pick an office outfit in the Summer, which fulfils three main conditions – keeps you cool and stylish and still looks professional. That’s why I’m dedicating today’s post to some No-Gos and good ideas for a fashionable office look for the hottest month of the year. :-) Continue Reading