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September 2016


Awww…ocado Darling!

September 21, 2016

It was about time that I publish a new Babaguette post – don’t you agree, darlings? :-) Since so much time has passed, I owe you so many breakfasts, lunches and snacks ;-) that I decided to pick a very special ingredient for my today’s food story that you can actually very easily include in all those meals. I’m talking about a magical peer-shaped plant by the name of avocado. :-) Continue Reading


What Should I Get You Darling?

September 19, 2016

Maybe it’s only a prejudice, but there’s an opinion out there that it’s a very special challenge to find a good gift for the men in our lives. For the ladies that surround us darlings, like moms, sisters, girlfriends, female colleagues… it’s simply so much easier. Well…, if I should speak from a personal experience… I can only agree. ;-) Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Destination: Fall Fashionville

September 14, 2016

For some people, airports and railway stations represent places for goodbyes, farewells and even tears and sorrow, but not for me darlings. As a matter of fact, those are some of my favorite places in the whole world. :-) When I start my travels, I usually leave the house a bit earlier, but not because I’m afraid to miss my trip. I love to have some more time to spend at airports and stations and soak up the amazing energy of those places. The diversity of people, the excitement, the anticipation, the curiosity, the new beginnings, the joy of returns, the new destinations… I simply adore this vibrating atmosphere. <3 Continue Reading

Mirror Mirror

My Favorite Beauty Products in September (by Afrodita, Schwarzkopf and Herbal Spa)

September 13, 2016

After a short Summer break, today I will write about my favorite beauty products for the month of September. As a matter of fact darlings, the Summer is „technically“ not over yet. ;-) That’s actually great, since for this beauty post, I chose two products and one beauty treatment that will help us keep the Summer in a beautiful memory and say goodbye to this season in a proper way. :-) Today – it’s all about ways and tricks, how to give our hair a proper „post-beach days treatment“. :-) I decided to propose two drugstore products – Afrodita Serum 10 in 1, Scharzkopf Gliss Kur Ultimate Oil Elixir Express-Repair-Conditioner and a professional hair therapy – the nourishing Hair Treatment with Aloa Vera at Herbal Spa in Sarajevo. Continue Reading


My Favorite Instagram Accounts

September 7, 2016

Can you believe it darlings that Instagram is basically only a „first-grader“? ;-) What do I mean by that, you ask? Well, this uber-popular social networking app is yet to celebrate its 6th birthday, then it was launched in October 2010. Even the biggest disbelievers in the idea of people wanting to share their photos and videos with others (raising my hand here ;-)) were very soon proven wrong, since the number of Instagram users grew very fast. Today – this networking service represents a highly sophisticated media platform that makes and breaks the trends through user generated content and that creates visual stars (heard of the term „Instagram famous“? :-)).  Also, since the launch of „Instagram stories“, it also became a serious contestant to Snapchat. Continue Reading