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November 2016


5 Sites to Make Your Travel Easy

November 24, 2016

Not that long ago, only the ones who were a bit adventurous choose to plan their trips and holidays all by themselves and didn’t entrust specialized travel agencies to do that for them. But those days are over, the world is a “global village” and the internet (no matter how much we criticize it for many reasons) puts in our hands almost an endless number of tools for organizing our dream travels and save money along the way. Continue Reading


Comfort Food for Winter

November 22, 2016

Except for the true Winter people among you, darlings, I think that everyone else needs a bit comforting during the cold season of the year. ;-) Yes, comforting. By that I don’t necessarily mean with words, although sometimes the Winter seems so long, that I actually do need someone to comfort me and tell me that spring is coming next year. ;-)) I’m thinking of other things. Like a cosy blanket, a fluffy turtleneck sweater, a comfy pillow, a hug from your darlings, a snuggle with your pet, a cup of tea, or… especially comfort food. Continue Reading


3 Ideas How to Relax and Unwind

November 16, 2016

How long do you need to “unwind” darlings, after a long and exhausting day at work, or in the class room? Do you leave everything behind you, as long as you leave your office, university or school building and become carefree like a bird? Or are you the type that thinks about unfinished tasks, troubles with colleagues, deadlines and everything else that worries you, also after working hours? “Just relax! Tomorrow is another day!”, some would say. But it’s easier said than done. In order to start your evening right and use this free time to truly relax, here are a few simple tips on how to unwind. :-) Continue Reading


5 Ideas for Stay-at-Home Evenings

November 14, 2016

Hello there from the „bear cave“, darlings! Just joking. ;-) Or maybe even not? Then I’m sitting in my warm and cozy living room, it’s Sunday, it’s lightly raining aaand… it’s not even 5 PM but it’s already really, really dark outside. Moreover (pshhhht – don’t tell anyone ;-)) – I’m feeling a bit sleepy too. Basically, just like a bear. ;-) Although I sometimes envy them for their winter sleep (it’s not the worst thing in the world to sleep through until March ;-)), I think that there are also better ways to spend chilly Fall and Winter evenings in your home. Here are couple of suggestions. :-) Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Online Shopping Spree

November 7, 2016

This post, darlings, is actually completely generated by you. Yes, you! ;-) Then I got a lot of questions and requests regarding many items that I wore in my “Closet Doors” posts. Where did I get them? How did I buy them? How was I sure about the size, without trying them on? How long did it take them to arrive? See where this is going? ;-) That’s right – today I’ll be talking about little secrets of online shopping. Continue Reading


Chestnut Roasting on an Open Fire

November 3, 2016

To me darlings, the Fall hasn’t really begun until I warm up my hands on a warm paper bag full of reddish-brown chestnuts bought from a street vendor and roasted on open fire. The “obligatory procedure” also includes getting my fingers sooo dirty white peeling these sweet and nutty delights that I have to wash them with a nail brush when I get home. :-) But every bite is worth of this extra effort. However, there are also ways, how to prepare chestnuts also at home (which are much clean ;-) that I would like to share with you today. :-) Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Sweater Dress

November 2, 2016

Crispy November air is such a “fashion game-changer”, don’t you think darlings? My silk blouses all of a sudden need a cardigan, my skirts are paired with tights and I rarely leave the house without a warm head accessory. ;-) I must admit that I was a bit sad when I got all my boots, scarfs, hats and sweaters out… It made me realize that the really warm days are officially over. :-( But this year, I committed myself not to give in to my “winter mood”, which sometimes makes me a “cold – weather – fashion – grouch”. ;-) That’s why I decided to make an effort and search for some great wintery style pieces, which can inspire me to enjoy fashion also during the cold days. And… I found my first one – a sweater dress by RubyRed. <3 Continue Reading