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December 2016

Mirror Mirror

My Favorite Beauty Product in December

December 31, 2016

Here we are darlings – step by step and we’we arrived in December. This year went by so fast, don’t you think? And for the «grand finale» we have to shine to the fullest, that’s why I’m concluding 2016 with my favorite beauty product for its last month – decembru Sephora “Kiss & Make Up Lipstick Pencil Set”. Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Central Park Style

December 23, 2016

Although just two days ago the Winter officially arrived, I just can’t seem to be able to say a proper “good bye” to Autumn. What can I say – I’m a women who adores colors and that’s why I’m so attached to Fall. ;-) But now it’s time to face the facts and conclude the season with my last “fall fashion” Closer Doors post. And what better place to show you my outfit darlings, then in a colorful surrounding of the Central Park in New York. Then, although my visit to this gorgeous city was in the late November, the nature was still “hanging on” – the grass was green and the leaves yellow and red.

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10 Movies Set in New York City

December 11, 2016

Before I start sharing with you my experiences from NYC darlings, I decided to first… well, I would say, bring you in the «New York state of mind». ;-) And what better way to do that, then through cinema. That’s why I created a list of ten movies, which are set in this magnificent city. Some of them are classics, while others are rather new. Also, some of them you’ve probavly seen, maybe even multiple times and others are still on your “to watch” list. In any case, each of them will bring closer to you a part of New York City – maybe the exact one, I’ll be telling you about in my future posts. <3 Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Thanksgiving Fashion Sense

December 6, 2016

With this post my darlings, I’m opening a series of stories from my recent visit to New York. Some of them will deal with fashion, others with things to do and see in NYC and a few will be purely inspired by this amazing concrete jungle. <3 Today’s “Closet Doors” post is very dear to me for two reasons. The first one is of course my late fall outfit and the second one is the day that it was made – on Thanksgiving after the Macy’s Parade. :-) Continue Reading