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March 2017

Closet Doors

Espresso Fashion

March 27, 2017

Did you ever hear about the term „depresso“, darlings? :-) Well, it describes a feeling before your first morning coffee. Some of you probably know what I’m talking about – right? ;-) I’m not much of a coffee person myself, in the sense that I need to have my dose of caffeine first thing I open my eyes. However, I do enjoy my espresso, latte, or a café au lait time – for the taste, but also as an opportunity to create some memories with the people I love. Nevertheless, Spring time means also Spring fatigue, and to keep up with the fashion trends of the new season, I need to stay awake. ;-) So, join me for a cup of “Espresso Fashion”. Continue Reading

Closet Doors

Blue is the Warmest Color

March 26, 2017

They say darlings, that the best day of Winter is the first day of Spring – I coudn’t agree more. ;-) I took a long Winter nap the last couple of weeeks as you could notice on the blog. Well, I wasn’t MIA without a reason (or really sleeping ;-)), but instead had some serious technical difficulties with my homepage. Nevertheless, now everything is fine again (Thank you IT magicinas! :-)), the Spring has arrived as well as the Daylight Saving Time – better known as “Summer Time” – so let’s bring it on with the first Spring fashion 2017 post of the season. <3 Continue Reading