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May 2017


The Heat of Pompeii

May 18, 2017

Here we are darlings – after the last post on the island of Capri, we’ve arrived to the third and the last part of my little travelogue from the South of Italy. My story on the town of Pompeii. Then, the mighty and unpredictable Vesuvius – the only volcano in the continetal part of Europe that has been active in the last 100 years, lies only some 9 km away from Naples. In other words, the inhabitants of this city and the surrounding towns in the region Campania (including the crowds of tourists such as myself ;-)) are living on the edge of potential danger every single day. However, it seems to me that, despite the resting threat that this volcano represents, the Vesuvius gives the people living in this area also a lot of positive things.   Continue Reading


Capri Getaway

May 10, 2017

Are you familiar with the quote: “You my have the universe, if I may have Italy.” by the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi? Well, darlings… I think I would be ready to give up Italy as well, if I could only keep the picturesque island of Capri. ;-)  Continue Reading